Join us for a spring awakening for body mind and soul in Kauffenheim, France. An artist‘s enclave right at the border of Germany in a region so beautiful in its simplicity and purity, you will find peace, healthy food, a stunning landscape and time for yourself.

Watch nature come to life in the beautiful month of May and invite the sun back into your cells by using your prana (breath), practising the most beautiful mediations and experience the magic of Kundalini Yoga.

23rd  – 31st May 2020

La Maison des Temps
Arts & Nature Retreats in Kauffenheim (Elsass)

Simply breath.    –     Simply be in the moment.    –      Simply enjoy.

By practising Kundalini Yoga and having a lot of time to enjoy the beauty of spring in this inspiring & peaceful surrounding you will deeply experience

oneness     –     joy     –      Peace    –     trust.

‘La Maison des Temps’ is a beautiful place, were from the first moment on I felt the joy and simplicity of life. Its owners are creating an athmosphere of peace, beauty and simplicity, combined with great art and wonderful food. ‘La Maison des Temps’ is created by the love for life!

Kundalini Yoga inspires and encourages to open up from the inside, to see your true self, your true power and get in contact with the different parts of the true you; such as the inner child, the negative mind, the positive and the neutral mind. This helps to understand yourself, become aware of your actions – feelings – emotions – thoughts and is the base to deeply enjoy life, the present moment and the presence of nature.

You will release, transform, feel deeply relaxed, get curious about simple things, creative and motivated. I can tell from personal experience, when continuing with a regular practise, it will become a great and easy way for you to perceive life in all its expressions and it will give you all the tools needed to dealing with it in the best of ways.

The tools you will learn are easy to use on and off the mat, wherever you are in the world. You will begin to recognize and unfold your underlying potential and resources and learn how to live them to the fullest. Your inner child will give you a new perspective and be a great partner in many ways, such as in creative processes, bold steps or even when dealing with children. Everyday can be an adventure, every encounter can be of value. Live it.


Yoga- & Meditation sessions

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  
09.00 – 11.00 & 17.30 – 19.30

Wednesday and Sunday   09.00 – 11.00

Prices & Services

1.430 € per person in DBL

450 € single room supplement

Incl. 8 nights of accommodation with vegan local grown half pension; 14 yoga sessions; walking mediation

1x 2 room apartment with 2 DBL beds and bathroom
1x 1 room apartment with DBL bed and toilette and shared shower with other DBL rooms
3x DBL room with shared shower and shared bath


La Maison des Temps Arts & Nature Retreats in Kauffenheim, France near Baden Baden, Germany.



I am looking forward to this wonderful time together with you!