Retreat – Kundalini Yoga Epping & Konzert Snatam Kaur

Vibrate with your Soul and let your heart sing

Let us celebrate one weekend our body as temple of our soul, our life as an inspiring experience and the joy of chanting and vibrating together.

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of inner growth, the chance to challenge yourself, to get to know yourself from a very different perspective and to relax quick and long lasting! Kundalini Yoga has many tools, that can be easily used in daily life during work, short walks, preparation of dinner or in meetings. Therefore the effect of the retreat will stay with you.

Joyful movements connected with conscious breath during the Yoga sessions, are the ideal base for new power, inspiration and joy.

Sunday, would love to join together with you the concert of Snatam Kaur in Troxy London. From my own experience I can say, that chanting after practicing Kundalini, is the most intensive release and joy at the same time, I ever experienced.

“The concert is an opportunity for people to be awakened to the power of mantra,” Snatam Kaur says; “to fall in love with mantras and be healed by them. With these concerts I hope to connect people with these mantras so that they get a sense of their own intrinsic light and love. I know for myself that chanting together in these settings is super healing and super powerful for relieving stress, tension and that feeling of being overwhelmed that I think is pretty common for in this day and age. It’s a way for people to come and find that sense of peace again.” Concert tickets:

You will experience

-a calm, focused and creative mind

-stress release in muscles, organs and mind

-a positive insight into your life

-body and mind being in a good energy flow and condition

-more flexibility and power in body and Mind

– a release of stress based symptoms in digestion, skin and emotion


Kundalini Yoga connects breath, body and mind.

Mantras let the whole body vibrate in the vibration of love and joy.


Friday 24th May: 

Session 1:   2 – 4 pm   Session 2:   7-9pm    Lunch:   2 pm

Saturday 25th May: 

Session 3:   12 – 2 pm  Session 4:   4.3 – 6.3 pm  Lunch:   2 pm

Sunday 26th May: 

Session 5:   12 – 2pm  Lunch:  2 pm

Travel to the Satnam Kaur Concert from 4pm via car & tube.

Concert: 6.30 pm (London Troxy)


I am looking forward to this wonderful time together with you!